One Life Financial Group Dynamic Investment Methodology


Our One Life Financial Group (“OLFG”) Dynamic Investment Methodology is designed to help advisors and clients quickly diagnose portfolio issues and identify potential opportunities to better align the client’s portfolio with their goals. This methodology is also utilized to provide the client and their OLFG team with a framework for making portfolio decisions as their personal and financial situation evolves over time. This methodology is not a market timing strategy.

Your OLFG team will work with you to build a customized investment strategy based on your personal and financial situation. Your personal situation includes your values, concerns, and aspirations for the future. Your financial situation includes your financial goals, the time horizons to reach those goals, tax situation, your income sources, asset values, savings, and tolerance for risk.

Your goals and time horizons – We will work with you to document your goals and time horizons to help you achieve those goals. Your goals will be the basis for the development of your investment strategy.

How we will determine your investment strategy and asset allocation – After your goals and time horizons have been documented, and we have completed a review of your financial situation (asset levels, savings, income sources, etc.), we will work together to create a customized mix of stocks, bonds, and cash to help achieve your goals and to manage both inflation and market risk in a manner that matches your comfort level for risk. To determine your recommended investment mix, we will use academic research, historical returns data (for stocks, bonds, cash, and inflation), and simulation tools. This analysis will include a review of the required rates of return* you need to earn to achieve your short, mid, and long-term goals.

*Note: There is no guarantee that you will be able to achieve the required rates of return generated in the analysis.

Before putting your strategy into action, we will discuss hypothetical outcomes you could experience in your strategy to confirm you are comfortable with the potential volatility of your strategy.