5 Critical Wealth Management Questions to Ask During an Employment Change

In today’s blog post, we will dive into five critical wealth management questions to ask during an employment change. Sometimes, employment changes can feel overwhelming when you have to deal with benefits, taxes, and income adjustments. I hope today’s post will give you some clarity and confidence as you make financial decisions when making employment […]

Money Marathon Risk #3: You Could Go Off Course With Your Tax Minimization Strategy

We’re in a fun money marathon series using some running stories and analogies to teach and explore how investors could get more potential mileage from their hard-earned money. We’re walking through seven risks of running your wealth marathon without any support. If you would like to watch the video version of this post, please click […]

Money Marathon Risk #2: Letting Financial Worry Hold You Back from Running Your Best Race and Living Your Best Life

We are in a series exploring seven potential risks of running a money marathon alone without any support. We will also discuss some strategies that could help mitigate those risks so that you can feel more confident and secure in your future and free to enjoy the wealth you have created. To watch the video […]

The Child Tax Credit: What It Is and How Married or Divorced Couples Can Maximize It

At One Life Financial Group, we are in a heavy tax season, having many conversations with clients and their accountants about strategies to minimize their tax bills for 2023 and 2024. We’re encouraging clients to talk to their accountants about maximizing potential tax credits. So, in today’s post, we are exploring three things. First, what […]

Money Marathon Risk #1: Your Plan Could Crash

Welcome back to our Money Marathon series, where we’re having some fun using running analogies and stories to explore how you could potentially get more mileage out of your hard-earned money. Today, I’m sharing the first of seven risks of running your wealth marathon alone without any support. Each video will walk you through one […]

5 Tax Changes Could Help Boost Your Wealth In 2024

The Federal Reserve made significant progress in bringing down inflation while maintaining growth in the U.S. economy in 2023. However, while inflation has trended lower recently, interest rates have been historically high and inflation remains well above the Fed’s 2% long-term target. In light of the current financial environment, the IRS has made some changes […]

Why It’s Critical to Go Into Retirement with a Tax Strategy

In today’s Money Marathon Post, we are going to be exploring the optimal retirement fueling strategy for retirement, and to do that, we will use a marathon analogy and talk about what’s the optimal hydration or fueling strategy for marathon runners. If this is your first time visiting our money marathon series, we are currently […]