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Four Opportunities to Consider in a Down Market

Since the beginning of 2022, the markets have been experiencing volatility over concerns about rising inflation and interest rates. The S&P 500 appears close to a bear market, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently hit a 52-week low. Looking at retirement or investment statements in a down market can feel frustrating for many people. […]

Ukraine and Your Investments: What You Can Do Right Now

Our hearts and prayers go out to the courageous people of Ukraine as we watch the brazen attack by Russia unfold. It’s difficult to watch. Along with the general horror that war brings and the impact of lives lost, there is a general worry about economic consequences and effects of this invasion on the rest […]

Are You Feeling Worried or Stressed About Stock Market Volatility?

Monday was a wild day in the stock market, and both rate hikes and inflation are hot topics in the news. “Should I be worried?” is a question on the mind of many investors this week. While market volatility and media headlines may tempt investors to make irrational and costly moves in their portfolio, I’d […]

Make Too Much to Fund a Roth IRA? These Three Strategies Could Help You!

Taxes drive a lot of our personal finance and many everyday decisions. Strategies to minimize taxes, both now and in retirement, drive many investing decisions as well. One potential way to minimize taxes in retirement is by investing in a Roth IRA. With a Roth IRA, the account is funded with after-tax dollars by making […]

Roth IRAs Have Some Significant Benefits. Here’s How They Could Help You.

You’ve probably heard of a Roth IRA — it’s a retirement account that you can contribute to with after-tax dollars. Though there is no up-front tax break, dividends, interest, and capital gains are tax-free as your account grows. When you make a qualifying withdrawal after you retire (or at age 59 ½), you don’t have […]

Six Valuable Benefits of Hiring a Financial Advisor

Many people often wonder if it is worth it to pay a financial advisor to manage their wealth. I hear this question often, and it’s an excellent question with an answer that depends on your personal situation and many factors. At One Life Financial Group, we work primarily with small business owners, physicians, dentists, and […]

Surviving the Texas Power Outage: Lessons on Being Prepared for Financial Emergencies

South Padre Island

Texas just endured a historic winter storm, and my family and I just happened to be there when it occurred. In the middle of all this chaos and disruption, I’m thinking about how we are handling this emergency and how it relates to financial planning.  It got me thinking about the many similarities between the […]

Don’t Let Market Headlines Steal Your Joy This Holiday Season

Market Headlines

One of the worst times to worry about market headlines is during the holiday season. Below are three ideas that can help you worry less and focus on what matters most during the holiday season.   1. Capture gratitude. Science suggests that capturing gratitude regularly can help you worry less and lead to a happier and […]